ABPA launches #BrLivredePSA campaign website


The Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) launches this week the website www.brasillivredepsa.com.br, an action that is part of the African Swine Fever prevention campaign #BrLivredePSA, promoted by the entity with the objective of reducing risks to the Brazilian productive sector .

The new website has a One Page format and gathers in a single space the main information and measures for the prevention of African Swine Fever (PES). With a simplified and illustrative language, the portal gives tips on the care that should be taken by those who intend to visit production facilities abroad, for example.

Engaged with PSA prevention actions, ABPA has joined forces with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and the Special African Swine Fever Prevention Group (GEPESA) so that Brazil takes all necessary measures to protection against the entrance of the disease in the national territory.

Responsible for decimating thousands of herds in Asia, and especially in China, PSA is highly contagious and lethal to animals, and can cause billions of dollars in losses. “We have taken an important step towards harmonizing understandings in the African Swine Fever prevention strategy. Brazil is free from disease and this is an opportunity to reinforce its health shield so that the country strengthens even more its role as a partner in favor of the world’s food security ”, analyzes Francisco Turra, president of ABPA.

Visit the website www.brasillivredepsa.com.br and be part of this campaign!

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