The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) informs that the poultry, eggs and swine sectors in Brazil are committed to maintaining the flow of food supply to the Brazilian population, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.
For member companies, the health of the teams and the provision of food to the population are unquestionable priorities.
For this reason, two weeks ago ABPA had already implemented internal committees to mitigate the impacts of this crisis on the production system. Among the sectorial measures adopted, companies intensified health guidelines throughout their structure. Visits to units are suspended, unless absolutely necessary.
ABPA has also supported the Ministry of Agriculture in its efforts to maintain production, as well as the regular flow of animal feed in the production units.
At the same time, the association asked the governors of the states where there is production to maintain the routes for the flow and entry of food and inputs, in case of the implementation of a restriction on the transit of people.
With the picture of shortages observed in other nations, the priority of poultry and swine farming in the country is the preservation of the production of basic foods such as chicken, pork and eggs, which are strategic for the safety and well-being of the population from the country.

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