Brazilian Association of Animal Protein – ABPA, that represents the producers and exporters of animal protein, would like to inform that has no reason to suspend exports from Brazil to all countries and clients around the world.

The production chain is working hard in order to supply our domestic and international clients. Slaughterhouses, roads, ports and other logistic structures has kept its functioning even in this pandemic crisis. It is also important to mention that we have
been working in strong collaboration with Brazilian Federal Government, state governments and all other stakeholders to maintain food production at regular levels.

To Brazil, food sector is a strategic issue, essential to supply food to Brazilians and for more than 150 countries that already import food from Brazil. In this crisis scenario, Brazil knows its global responsibility in supply safe and affordable food and is doing what is necessary to comply with.

Even before the adoption of quarantine in several states across the country, ABPA made sure that its member companies adopted preventive measures necessary to protect and prevent, to the maximum, all risks in production units, being the human life and food safety the main focus.

These measures include, among other initiatives, the immediate removal of all employees identified as “risk group” (aged over 60 years old, pre-existing diseases and others), the intensification of active surveillance actions in the slaughterhouses and
monitoring of workers’ health (with the constant temperature verification).

The companies also reinforced all the measures recommended by the World Health Organization – most of this care was already routine, such as:

• Increase in the hygiene routine of all environments inside and outside the slaughterhouse;
• Adoption of measures against agglomeration;
• Constant monitoring of the health status of workers while they are in the cold area;
• Reinforcement of health care guidelines through direct guidelines, leaflets and other forms of internal communication.

The workers´ health is an unquestionable priority to guarantee the food production. We
know about our mission and we will work to ensure that there is no shortage of food for
families across the countries that imports our products.


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