ABPA celebrates Camex’s decision not to overcharge Chinese steel


The Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) received with optimism the information about the decision of the Chamber of Foreign Trade (Camex) not to overcharge the “hot pressed” steel laminates imported from China and Russia, as an anti-dumping measure.

According to ABPA’s chief executive, Francisco Turra, the decision should positively influence negotiations between Brazilians and Chinese in the ongoing investigations by the Asian country government against Brazilian chicken exports.

“Common sense prevailed in Camex’s decision, especially since the steel sector is currently at a different time from the time when the investigation was requested. According to our sources in Asia, the possibility of this surcharge was decisive for the beginning of the groundless investigation against the poultry export sector. Brazil must be a nation open to international trade, and not adopt restrictive measures ”, explains Turra.

Initiated in August 2017, the investigation against chicken meat exporters started with the accusation brought by Chinese poultry producers. The investigation even included companies that do not export to China.

“We respect the regulations of the World Trade Organization and do not practice dumping. There is no causal link between Brazilian exports and any possible local market situation. We are going to make all the points explicit and reiterate to the authorities that Brazil wants to continue as a solid and highly reliable partner for China’s food security, maintaining the current export levels, ”says Turra.

In 2017, China was responsible for imports of 9.2% of the total chicken meat shipped from Brazil, and 7.1% of pork exports. The country was the destination of 391 thousand tons of poultry and 48.9 thousand tons of pork, which together generated US $ 861 million in foreign exchange for the Brazilian trade balance.

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