ABPA launches campaign against fake sales in the international market


The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), today launched an international campaign to alert importers and potential customers against cases of fraud and false sales, which impact Brazilian poultry and pork exports.

The campaign will feature videos in Portuguese, English and Mandarin that detail care in checking the alleged seller before payments are made. Among the measures, is checking the data with ABPA and diplomatic posts abroad. The video in English can be seen at this link: https://youtu.be/MMQHOQJaRlw

The campaign will be promoted through social networks, through direct channels with stakeholders from strategic markets for Brazilian exports and by the Brazilian Embassies around the world, with the support of the Agribusiness Promotion Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Frauds involve cloning websites of exporting companies, sales slips that did not happen, falsifying product labels that were not produced in Brazil, using fake SIF’s, cloning emails, creating fully structured ghost offices (including accounts) banking), among others. In order to inhibit criminal practices, exporting agro-industries have already structured exclusive internal compliance areas to deal with fraud.

“ABPA has been working with specialized government agencies to curb this fraud more and more, which we estimate to have reached 1,000 cases in the last five years. With this campaign, we want to give impetus to a double check against these frauds that cause losses to those looking to import products from Brazil, and impact the image and security of the international animal protein trade ”, evaluates ABPA president, Ricardo Santin.

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