Egg consumption in 2018 will be the largest in history, highlights ABPA


Entity supports the holding of the Egg Week, nationally coordinated by the Institute Eggs Brazil

Considered one of the most accessible and versatile proteins available on the market, the egg should end this year with the highest per capita consumption rate in history, according to projections from the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA). The entity, which supports the Egg Week (coordinated nationally by the Institute Eggs Brazil), celebrates the advances of this product in the national menu.

According to the association, the forecast is that per capita consumption in Brazil will reach 212 units, 10.4% higher than the 192 units registered last year. Despite the strong growth, Brazilian consumption is still relatively low, compared to other countries.

“The unprecedented growth is an important victory for the sector. But there is a great opportunity to increase consumption within the Brazilian market. We are still below the world average, which exceeds 230 units a year, and we are far from rates such as Mexican consumption, which exceeds 360 units every year ”, analyzes Francisco Turra, president of ABPA.

According to the organization, production should also increase by up to 10% this year, compared to 39.9 billion units produced in 2017, reaching 44.2 billion units, an average of 84,000 eggs produced per minute.

In this sense, Semana do Ovo, a project carried out by the Institute of Eggs from October 7 to 12, plays a fundamental role in bringing information, clarifying myths and promoting egg consumption in Brazil.

“Promoting the consumption of eggs is essential to strengthen the quality of Brazilian food. The egg is considered a complete food, rich in protein, iron, zinc and the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are powerful antioxidants, in addition to containing choline, a vitamin of Complex B responsible for conducting nerve impulses and forming the center of memory. ”, Points out Ricardo Santin, president of the Institute Eggs Brasil and executive director of ABPA.

With several promotional actions, lectures, gift distributions and tastings promoted by the Institute of Eg Brazil, companies and other entities in the productive sector, Semana do Ovo seeks to raise awareness about the nutritional potential of eggs, a complete and fundamental food for human consumption . Learn more at

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